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Attorney Robert Von Dohlen is a Houston native and fifth generation Texan. He is also a veteran of the United States Air Force and Texas Air National Guard. Mr. Von Dohlen is a graduate of St. Mary’s University School of Law, located in San Antonio, Texas.

Experienced Texas Insurance Attorney

Mr. Von Dohlen is familiar with many facets of the insurance industry. He was an insurance claims adjuster for more than fifteen years, during which time he investigated claims all over the country.

As a licensed Texas attorney, Mr. Von Dohlen now focuses exclusively on insurance claim cases where he helps policy holders who have been treated unfairly.

Mr. Von Dohlen is a Member of the:

  • Texas Department of Insurance Licensed Adjusters – All Lines
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Houston Bar Association Consumer Law Committe
  • College of the State Bar of Texas
  • Houston Bar Association

When Insurance Companies Deal in Bad Faith…

If your home or property has been adversely affected by a hurricane, wind or hail damage, fire or flood, theft, or water leaks, then your insurance company should be there to make good on their promises.

The sad truth is that some insurance companies will try to under value your claim or completely deny your claim. Some people believe that “the system” encourages insurance companies to act this way because they know that most of their clients will not hire an attorney.

Robert Von Dohlen will fight the insurance company to make sure they pay you every cent owed. At the Von Dohlen Law Firm, we don’t get paid unless you win. Call Robert Von Dohlen today for a case evaluation (713) 443-6730.